OzmoCAP® was present at this year’s AAPS PharmSci 360 annual meeting, both in the booth and on the stage. Technology Development Lead Jennifer Chu, Ph.D., gave a presentation on the OzmoCAP® technology titled “Rapid Preclinical Assessment for Extended Release Drug Delivery Viability,” a PDF of which can now be accessed here on the OzmoCAP® website. From the presentation “description and objectives” slide:

  • A case study using an extended release osmotic capsule to evaluate drug absorption throughout the gastrointestinal tract will be presented. Extended release capsules were rapidly developed and dosed into dogs. In vivo dog data from the extended release capsule provided data critical for development of the human clinical dosage form.
  • Describe oral extended release dosage form options.
  • List the benefits of osmotic oral extended release dosage forms.
  • Demonstrate use of osmotic extended release capsule in an in vivo animal study.