About OzmoCAP®

OzmoCAP®, a proprietary technology developed and produced by FreeThink Technologies, Inc., is an oral extended release osmotic capsule that provides a range of drug release durations controlled by the capsule, not the drug’s properties. The OzmoCAP® technical team can develop, produce, and ship filled capsules with client active ingredients of known release rates for animal testing in a matter of weeks, and is actively developing capabilities to provide materials for human clinical studies.

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OzmoCAP® capsules transit rapidly through the esophagus and arrive in the stomach. In the stomach, the capsules start releasing the active ingredient. While drug release from OzmoCAP® capsules is independent of pH, the drug’s solubility may be impacted by the acidity of the stomach. The drug continues to be pumped out while the capsule remains in the stomach. The time in the stomach will vary based upon the subject species and fed versus fasted state (always significantly longer in the fed state).

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