OzmoCAP® capsules control the release of drug as it transits the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract, and now our customers can visualize this in dogs with matched x-ray imaging and PK sampling. FreeThink quickly develops OzmoCAP® capsules for studies in animals including a contrast agent to enable clear images after dosing. The capsules provide a range of release durations, independent of drug properties and the capsule’s position in the GI tract. 

FreeThink coordinates your full study including development of the OzmoCAP®, the animal study plan, preparation of materials, and the dog PK and imaging study. The development timeline is ≤ 8 weeks from the start to shipment for the animal study. 

Contact us today to learn how OzmoCAP® animal studies, including x-ray imaging, can significantly speed extended release dosage form development.